Daphne Kirby Acting Workshops

Now available for private instruction, audition coaching, career direction and marketing, Daphne is regularly recommended by agents, director sand producers because of the consistent results she offers actors.

More information about Daphne Kirby may be found in Larry Silverberg’s book “The Actor’s Guide To Qualified Acting Coaches in Los Angeles,” and the Los Angeles edition of the Working Actor’s Guide.
A native of New York City, Daphne Kirby trained
under Sanford Meisner at the The Neighborhood
Playhouse in New York and appeared in numerous
feature films, episodic TV series, and commercials.

It wasn't long before Daphne discovered an additional talent: teaching. Since then, she distilled 3 decades of experience working with the industry’s finest actors and directors into a course of study that allows an actor's confidence, intelligence, personality, ability and talent to shine through.

For over 25 years, Daphne taught highly regarded cold reading and commercial workshops in which actors learned proven techniques designed to break through the emotional barriers that sabotage the auditions. All of Daphne's classes offered a safe, supportive environment for working actors to refine their auditioning skills.
Daphne will be joining a select group of master instructors for this hands-on, one week workshop for Paris-based Acting International. For more information, click the logo above.